Hismith Automatisk og MultiAngle Thrusting Sex Machine

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$ 515.99

  • Double Hardness Dildo
  • Silicone Anal Dildo
  • Silicone Coffee Dildo
  • Noctilucence Silicone Dildo
  • Translucent Silicone Dildo

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  • Denne sexmaskinen, designet med presisjonshåndverk og ekstrem oppmerksomhet på detaljer. Denne premium sexmaskinen er utstyrt med en justerbar hastighet, så ha kontroll over riktig skyvehastighet.

    UQuite Silent: Veldig jevn glidebane, kombinert med dempende motor, gjør at det er støy mindre enn 40db.
    ✅Super Core Motor: Kraftig mute turbinmotor, sørg for gjennomtrenging av maskinen, aldri stopp.
    ✅Hastighetsstyrbar: Kom med en hastighetsregulator og kablet kontroll, du kan kontrollere hastigheten presist.
    AdjustMutiangle justerbar: Du kan endre vinkelen når du ønsker å møte dine forskjellige kjønnsposisjoner.
    LUtral diskret pakke: Nøytral pakking for å levere produktet, unngå unødvendig forlegenhet.


    Strøminngang: 110V-240V 50 / 60Hz
    Utgang: DC 24V-5A
    Motoreffekt: 100W
    Nosie: 30 ~ 40 db
    Dildo adaptertype: Kliclok-kontakt
    Flytteavstand bak og fremover: 1,2-6 tommer
    Justeringsvinkel: Omtrent 0-90 grader
    Dildostørrelse: 7 tommer, diameter 1,38 tommer

    Package Including:

    1 x Updated Hismith Premium Sex Machine
    1 x 8 inches Silicone Dildo
    1 x 8.5 inches Double Hardness Flesh Dildo / Silicone Anal Dildo / Silicone Coffee Dildo / Noctilucence Silicone Dildo / Translucent Silicone Dildo (please choose the Style Dildo You Need)
    1 x Suction Cup Adapter
    1 x Hismith Lubricant


    1*Please use 1% Benzalkonium, Bromide or 75% medical alcohol to disinfect,before you use it.
    2*In order to facilitate cleaning and sanitation, suggestions to wear a condom on the penis ban minors use!
    3*It's necessary to use some lubricant, to improve your sexual experience.

    Shipping within 24 hours, 1-4 Days Delivered, All products are packaged discreetly with a cardboard box to protect customer's privacy.

    Hismith KlicLok System! Check & Learn More!



Good time to be had

Was a little surprised by how low the machine is to the ground but once you figure out what positions work best for you, it's amazing. Have always wanted a sex machine and not regretting splurging on this. Only problem was the lube that was supposed to come with this specific machine was left out of my order :(


Great product

Had a bit of an issue with the installation, but the product worked really well, overall.


Amazing product

This machine worked great out of the box. Unfortunately, we had an issue with the motor. Fortunately, Edwin and his/this company's excellent customer service posture made things right - and right away. We received a new one that - so far - works perfectly. The design of the unit and the quality build only serves to reinforce that I made the right decision to buy here and through them. In spite of the hiccup - hey, its a machine - I would buy it again from "this" vendor. Enjoy!


very powerful.

very powerfull works great would recommend, if you're buying a masturbation cup for it though I wouldn't recommend the hismith one. I bought it and it had multiple flaws. I'd recommend buying a three prong adapter and different madturbation cup.


overall good.

can be adjusted to a variety of positions. Piston stroke length easily adjustable and stays at set depth reliably(very important). Power cord is so so quality however, so 4 stars. Machine does need oil after a few uses, so read the instructions.


You want this Machine!

It’s rare for me to give a review, but here it is.

This machine is so much fun it’s addictive! The quality and strong construction are well worth the price. But it’s the fun that makes the price a non issue.

What motivated me to provide a review is based on the customer service from the company.

They rushed me a part, I mean rushed me a part that I needed and provided it free based on their warranty. They truly stand behind their Product.

I worked with Edwin.

Amazing! You want this machine!!!


amazing orgasims from a well built product.

amazing orgasims from a well built product. Very quiet too even at max speed. (which is way more power i can take) . This is a great machine for the money. Hismuth even sent me a free adaptor of my choice for buying the updated edition of premium sex machine after i sent them an email.


Quality product, awesome customer service.

It's a good product, great customer service. Had something break almost a year later and they replaced it free within 3-4 days, no questions asked.


Excellent customer service & great machine

I have been very impressed with this machine! After about 3 months the remote control went out so i was really bummed out. I contacted Hismith and they were awesome! They immediately expedited me a whole new machine. It took 2 days after contacting them and I had a brand new machine. Things break i understand that but how they went above and beyond was impressive. Thank you niko you were a huge help and I am very satisfied with my purchase and with Hismith!! Thanks


Five Stars

Yes!! Hold on tight!


Five Stars

Sturdy. Heavy. Adjustable. Infinite stamina. Strongly suggest a different toy to attach though.

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Hismith Automatisk og MultiAngle Thrusting Sex Machine

Hismith Automatisk og MultiAngle Thrusting Sex Machine

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