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Hismith Maskin Med Sugekopp Dildoer


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  • Powerful Motor

    The core brush motor, with ling life span and high efficiency, provides enduable and unstoppable thrust you never experienced. 

    Angle Adjustable

    No matter what position you like, doggy style, mossionary or standing position, this machine will attain it with its 360° rotatal adjustment system. 

    Long Stroke Length

    Unlike other awkward products on the market, this machine has an adjustable and long stroke length from 3 to 15 cm, and can be easily adjusted via a screw knob. 

    Sturdy foundation

    Two solod T-frame adds additional 4+ kg to the machine, making it stands firm and steady and grip the ground better 

    Precise Speed Controller

    Advancing electrical controlling system, will let you adjust the speed from 0 to 240 strokes per minute smoothly and precisely. 

    Very Quiet

    Consisting of new motor and sliding system, make at most 40 dB noise at full speed. So enjoy your private time with abandon. 

    ✅QUITE SILENT: Veldig jevn glidebane, kombinert med dempende motor, gjør at det er støy mindre enn 40db
    ✅SUPER CORE MOTOR: Kraftig mute turbinmotor, sørg for maskinens gjennomtrengingskraft, aldri stopp
    ✅ SPEEDSKONTROLLERENDE: Kom med en hastighetsregulator, du kan cotrolere hastigheten nøyaktig
    UTMUTIANGLE JUSTERBARE: Du kan endre vinkelen når du ønsker å møte dine forskjellige sexstillinger
    ✅ULTRAL DISKREETPAKKE: Nøytral pakking for å levere produktet, unngå unødvendig flau

    Lengde × Bredde × Høyde: 18,4 × 10,2 × 17,7 tommer (46,8 × 26,0 × 44,9 cm)
    Vekt: 11.150 kg
    Inngangsspenning: 110-240 V
    Motoreffekt: 100 W
    Teleskopavstand: 3-15 cm
    Skyvehastighet: 0-240 slag per minutt
    Støy på full hastighet: 40 dB

    Pakke inkludert:

    1 × Hismith Premium sexmaskin med kablet kontroller
    1 × sugekoppadapter for KlicLok-koblingsmaskin, passer sugekoppbaserte dildoer
    1 × 13 * 2,36 tommer Monster Giant Silicon Dildo med sugekoppbasert
    1 × Premium dobbel hardhet kjøtt 8,5 tommer Dildo med Ossa Draconis, sugekopp basert
    1 × 6,7 tommer Natuarl Feel Realistic Flesh Dildo med sterk sugekopp
    1 × 200 ml vannbasert glidemiddel

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    Hismith KlicLok System! Check & Learn More!



I like this machine but......

I like this machine but the attachment that came with it or any of the extra attachments will not click on to the thrusting arm. The receiver end of the thrusting arm is a smaller diameter than the attachment or the other attachments that I bought. I need an adapter for the end so I can snap it on and then snap on the attachments. Please help me.

Update: I found the adapter. It was down inside the hard foam lining the bag you carry the machine in when not using it.

So just make sure when you buy this machine which you're going to love how quite it is and how strong it is, that you find that adapter in the bag.


    I LOVE this machine!

    I LOVE this machine! So far it has been awesome.


      Go buy

      Go buy this if you really want a well worth machine, hands down


        all good!

        i am now officially an anal lover after playing with my sex machine all weekend. you never know quite what to expect when you order this sort of thing but it was all good and i have had an awesome time. all good!


          Really good machine

          Really good machine, the quality of the metal and motor is great, the noise level is good as i live in a flat, the stroke and thrust have great options and i can get into all sorts of positions, i am glad i went for the upgrade


            she loves it!

            i bought this for my girlfriend and she loves it! its something for her to use on them nights that i'm not there. she loves how easy it is to carry and set up and the different angles that you can put it in. it easy to put away when visitors come over too.


              we love it

              Me and my wife wanted a machine that was comfortable for both of us to use and was easy to store so we chose the hismith machine, we are so glad we chose this particular machine because with the resting table and different angles it works perfectly for both of us (or just me when she is out shopping!) the vibrating controller is a real bonus and adds to the pleasure.

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                Hismith Maskin Med Sugekopp Dildoer

                Hismith Maskin Med Sugekopp Dildoer

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