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Hismith Premium Sex Machine with PRO Attachments - D


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  • ✅QUITE SILENT: Very smoothy slideway, combine with mute motor, make it's noise less than 40 db.
    ✅SUPER CORE MOTOR: Powerful mute turbine motor,ensure the machine penetration power, never stop.
    ✅SPEED CONTROLABLE: Come with a speed governor, and wired-control, you can cotrol speed precisely.
    ✅MUTIANGLE ADJUSTABLE: You can change the angle as you wish to meet your different sex positions.
    ✅ULTRAL DISCREET PACKAGE: Neutral packing to deliver the product, avoiding unnecessary embarrassment.

    Product Parameters:

    1.Input voltage: 110-240V                                        
    2.Motor power: 120W                                           
    3.Adapter type: KlicLok Connector                       
    4.Dildo size: insertable length: 6 inches                   
    5.Dildo Diameter: 1.6 inches weight: 336g
    6.Telescopic distance: 1.2`6 inches

    Packaging Including:

    1 x Hismith Main Machine
    2 x 40cm Chroming Iron Support rods
    2 x 25cm Chroming Iron Support rods
    2 x Triangle connector
    4 x Anti-ski Mad
    1 x Power Supply
    1 x Speed governor
    1 x US Plug line
    1 x 6mm hex wrench
    1 x User Manual
    2 x Hismith Sex Machine Single Three Prong Dildo Connector Attachment
    1 x Hismith Machine Device Attachements(KlicLok connector)
    1 x Anal Attachment for Automatic Sex Machine
    1 x Double Dong Vaginal and Anal Realistic Dildo
    1 x Realistic Silicone Penis Masturbator
    1 x Black Masturbation Silicone Dildo
    1 x Flesh Realistic Silicone Dildo
    1 x Green Beer Mug Masturbation Pussy Cup

    Something Important Security Warning And Useful Tips:

    1.Please do not try to adjust the thrust depth when the machine is working.
    2.Please confirm that you have screwed down the knob before you start the machine.
    3.We sugguest you use the medium depth at the first time,and get used to the depth gradually.
    4.Please use 1% Benzalkonium,Bromide or 75% medical alcohol to disinfect,before you use it.
    5.It's necessary to use some lubricant,to improve your sexual experience.

    Legal Disclaimer:

    More product informationm, usage and notices,
    We recommend you read labels, warnings and directions before using or consuming.

    Shipping within 24 hours, 1-4 Days Delivered, All products are packaged discreetly with a cardboard box to protect customer's privacy

    Hismith KlicLok System! Check & Learn More!




I have roommates that this product is silent it is built really heavy and does not scoot away when in use the bag it comes in blend in in the stuff in my room so no one will ever know the box it comes in is plain with a small label that says hismith electronics but is only about 2x2 in the rest looks like anything you would buy from hismith the machine is very good quality my only complaint is that the carry bag that they send with the machine has pre cut foam so it does not rattle in shipping and it would be great to store it in but is is not cut out for the assembled legs its a minor detail and i think it could be fixed with scissors


    Four Stars

    Would be 5 Stars but can't buy more attachments for it.


      works great

      I like it, seems to work good and has no issues penetrating! This baby is great for anal or I'm sure other penetration as it and can't wait to use it more.


        Well made and STURDY

        My girl friend and I were at a kinky house-party last weekend. The host and hostess had just purchased two hismith sex machine. Suzi ran the batteries on both of them dead, 3 times, as fast as they would recharge! She is a cock hound for certain but this machine took her to the top of the mountain and down the other side. Suzi says she had over 50 orgasms before she called it quits. She swears it is as intense as the well known, plug in, ride on model that costs a grand and a half and begins with the letter "S". We are ordering 2 for us at home


          Not for the faint of heart! Perfect for the open minded

          I have a back injury and can't quite move the way I used to. This sex machine drills my wife the way I used too! It's a little expensive, but after seeing it in use I highly recommed this to anyone that likes a good hard consistent pounding! I give it 5 Stars


            I really like the price to quality this product gives

            I purchased the hismith premium sex machine and you upgraded me to the pro version which was really kind of you as i wanted it but couldnt afford it at the time. the machine itself arrived next day as you said it would and it was really impressive all round. rare that i dont find a reason to complain lol but seriously nothing but praise here.


              The best there is for the price.

              Initial issue with the machine as it stopped working after 10 mins ..and unfortunately I was just watching it work :-D . Jess was outstanding, sent a new control box that fixed the issue the next day and wow!! it was worth the wait. The machine is solid, well built and provides no mercy lol

              Not sure if the initial failure was a bug or typical but either way, they stand by the product and totally worth the investment. I have purchased a lessor product and it was just junk,,, shame but its nice to supplement this 100% superior product. a bonus was the adaptor also purchased allows the use of the other toys from the lessor product to be used.... very pleased. Tons of configurations and its just the best out there unless you want to double the cost.


                Great Machine

                This thing is great!!!! Had issues at first, but quickly figured out how to solve. Make sure everything is tightened down! This is capable of supporting a large dong (i use john holmes) for a decent amount of time. Dildo it comes with is a decent starter size, I use it to warm up with.


                  I absolutely love this machine

                  I absolutely love this machine. The power is great. I was a little skeptical with some of the reviews saying the motor burned out or it slowed down with friction, but I have had no problem out of the one I own. The only down fall is I like using mine and bed and of course the suction cups are no help there so there is really no way to keep it in one place.


                    Great buy!!

                    Five wife like this


                      Five Stars

                      This was very easy to setup and use.

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                        Hismith Premium Sex Machine with PRO Attachments - D

                        Hismith Premium Sex Machine with PRO Attachments - D

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