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Hismith New Designed Quadruple Penetration Fucking Machine, Premium Sex Machine


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  • Newest Premium Sex Machine with 360 Degree Rotation,2P or 3P Sex Play,Powerful Penetration Love Robot to meet all your needs is our new product released. It is versatile in many ways. You can rotate it at 360 degree angles as you wish. Two long poles included in the package so it can meet 2p or 3p simutaneously. Boy and Girl can play this machine together. One side attached with male stroker while the otherside attached with a dildo in different sizes or texture. All attachments and dildos accessories can be perfectly compatible with our new sex machine model F05. It is capable of thrusting upright position, downward, parallel all angles you can possibly imagine. Its motor is so powerful and you can call it is a beast sex machine. With help of its attachments, this machine can meet all people's fantasy about sex. No matter you are Lesbian,Gay,Straight,Transgender etc.


    Electrical Input: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    Motor Type: Turbo Gear Motor, Continuous Duty

    Motor Specs: 24V DC 5-6A
    Stroke Length: 3-14.4 cm
    Infinite Speed: 4-5 Strokes per second
    Torque: 30kgcm / 3Nm

    Adapter Type: Kliclok Connector
    Telescopic distance: 1.2-6 inches
    Noise: 30-40dB
    Max Capacity: 30kg

    Sex Machine Appearance Information
    Assembled Measures: 50*53*45 cm (19*20*17 Inches)
    Assembled Weight: 16.5kg
    Angle Adjustable: 360 Degree rotatable you can adjust swiftly and securely within 10 seconds maximum. very very easily and efficient. the clamp can hold the steel rod securely to make the machine stable when running
    Color: Black

    Package Including:
    1 x Main machine
    1 x Heavy metal base
    1 x Main vertical rod
    2 x Standing rod
    4 x Quick connector rod
    1 x Power supply
    1 x Wired controller
    2 x Stadard dildo(as pictures shown)
    1 X Plug Converter Adapter(If Needed)

    * Notice: This machine is CE approved *


    Newest Premium Sex Machine with 360 Degree Rotation,2P or 3P Sex Play,Powerful Penetration Love Robot to meet all your needs features four poles with quick connector, 360 degree angle rotation, two holes sex or one hole sex as you wish. All dildos and add-ons sold in my store are compatible with premium machine perfectly. You can play 2p or 3p sex with the help of our powerful premium sex machine and it will bring you extraordinary sexual pleasure you have never experienced. This machine can even hold very big dildos up to 2kg . But please be careful do not run the machine very fast when big dildo is not inside vagina or otherplace. Because it will swing in the air and not good for the machine.

    Why Choose Hismith Beast Fucking Machine?
    Quadruple Penetration
    Available to offer vaginal and anal sex for two riders at the same time, gives you strong double penetration you never experienced.
    Angle Adjustable
    You can adjust the angle from 0-360°with the easy-use screw, to try all positions you like.
    Stable Foundation
    The 8.3 kg base, made of solid chrome plated steel, makes it very sturdy. Using on a carpet, it will grip the ground better
    Long Stoke Length
    Capable of 3 to 15 cm stroke depth. A screw knob and slot make it easy to adjust by hand. No tool required.
    Super Power
    With professional duarable and powerful motor, the fatest speed is 240RPM. You are guaranteed to be coming again and again.
    Quiet Motor
    Designed with Reinforced & Ultra-Quiet sliding system,the noise at full speed is only 50dB. Just enjoy your private time with abandon.

    Hismith KlicLok System! Check & Learn More!



I love this great and powerful machine!

I love this great and powerful machine! I am a crossdresser but I don't wanna see anyone in real life. So I bought it for anal sex. It was a little bit difficult to find the correct position at the beginning. But once you've found the position that fits you, its continuous movement quickly takes me to the best ever prostate organism in my life. Now I don't need a real boyfriend anymore. :D

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Amazing! Was worried spending so much on something like this. Really looked into it alot before finally purchasing. Yet I was still so nervous. But now....wow is all I can say!

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customer service sucks.

The machine itself is incredible, great power, easy to put together. However, when I made my purchase I had included an attachment in the order which I paid for but never arrived. I tried to contact customer service multiple times. Initially they just told me that the item is no longer available, but I've stopped getting any response regarding the issue-my emails are returned undeliverable. I've still not received the refund or the product and am unhappy. I will certainly not be buying from this website again because of the customer service.

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Five Stars

Amazing for the money

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Five Stars

Best purchase ever !!!


    Four Stars

    Would like to if there other attachments


      Worth every dollar!!!!

      The shipping box is a mess, but I'm not holding that against the product! The product is great I have had mine for almost a month and it works great. I'm a male and if I use an adequate about of good lube it doesn't hesitate at all. I have purchased a slightly larger attachment and it thrust it perfectly fine! Machine is very quite. I have even used it in a hotel with people I knew in the next room and they never mentioned it. For travel if fits easily into a med rolling suitcase with room for clothes. I have already recommended it to several friends.


        best sex machine that i ever owned

        Bought this sex machine for anal play.. It gives a hard pounding and I cum everytime. Quiet, compact and powerful.


          Best Hismith Purchase!

          This is the best Hismith purchase that I have made so far! Love it!!!! Great machine. Works better than I hoped! Packaging needs some serious work! Lose the styrofoam it makes too much of a mess. Otherwise, it was discrete packaging and well boxed! Again I say, lose the styrofoam it makes too much of a mess.


            Amazing product, crap packaging

            This thing is amazing. Same complaint as others with the packaging though, it fell apart before it was even delivered to me, had to vacuum the machine off a couple times before I felt comfortable bringing it to a friend's house, but it's a great machine. I bought it for my own personal use, as well as to be able to transport it to & from friend's or partner's houses or conventions. The box that it was delivered in was a plain brown box. Inside of that was the package itself - the box with the company & product name, the machine inside, packed with styrofoam, etc. The plain brown box it was shipped in is what I am forced to use to transport it, so that no one can tell what's inside of it, but I'm very disappointed that I couldn't keep the styrofoam it came in because the styrofoam came apart & got EVERYWHERE. The original box it came in, the box with all the information on it about what the machine actually is, was also very flimsy. The bottom of that box fell out the first time that I got the machine out. This makes transportation a bit more difficult, & I wouldn't be comfortable taking it across state lines if I needed to for a convention. No complaints about the machine itself, it works great for me, as well as on my male partners. Have been recommending it to all of my friends. I will be looking into additional attachments very soon.



              So far, this thing is awesome. Plenty of power and compact. She loves it! Find a good lubricant though. You'll need it! Updates to come.


                Its a winner

                It works best with an open hole and vac u lock dick like the striker 9in...you need plenty of lube to make this experience a no stall or motor hot sex session. I tell you..this thing is AMAZING. Fully adjustable angles. The vibe is good but for long life I would buy an external because motor stroke speed control is on top of vibrator.
                Great investment in your female single life or boy pussy toy box. Big toys will only work if they are fitted vac u lock. Thinkers will figure that one out . Big dildos like doc 13 only work if you have a loose pussy. If not. You run the risk of running the motor hot..but a reach back to assist the stroke does send chills down your spine too and helps keep motor cool. All I can say is hot damn. Hot damn


                  Love this machine, packaging was a mess.

                  Very good machine! The only thing I had a problem with was the packing that it came in. It was a BIG MESS.
                  Love the thrusts and the speed of the machine.


                    super strong

                    I got it today. The display box was covered by a normal box. The motor is super strong. the thrust distance is adjustable (great!) and so is the angle. For the price its a really good buy! Today is my first day owning it so I dont know how long the motor will last, AND it is VERY quiet.

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                      Hismith New Designed Quadruple Penetration Fucking Machine, Premium Sex Machine

                      Hismith New Designed Quadruple Penetration Fucking Machine, Premium Sex Machine

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