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  • ➤ LÅNDISTANS APP-KONTROLL: Hismith uppdaterade hårdvara och programvara den här gången, nu kan du njuta av långa avståndsfunktioner för att krydda saker genom att låta din partner kontrollera din leksak var du än är - från miles away eller till och med offentligt!
    ➤ SKAPA MÖNSTER OCH PROGRAMMERBAR: Programmera dina egna inställningar och få exakt vad du vill. Du kan också dela ditt läge / program i gemenskapen.
    ➤ INBYGGT PROGRAM: 8 lägen finns redan, byt lägen med fjärrkontrollen eller med din Android- eller IOS-telefon.
    ➤ GEMENSKAPSKOMMUNIKATION: Genom Hismith-appen kan du dela din upplevelse i gemenskapen, naturligtvis kan du få nya vänner, chatta, dela, etc.
    ➤ KONTINUERA FUNKTIONER UPPDATERINGAR: Våra IT-killar utvecklar alltid nya funktioner, roligare sätt att spela kommer snart. Du behöver inte uppdatera din hårdvara!

    Paket inklusive:

    1 x Golden App Chip Machine (Noble Purple)
    1 x strömförsörjning
    1 x dubbelskiktad silikondildo
    1 x Wire-Speed Dial
    1 x fjärrkontroll
    1 x bärbar väska


  • Thrusting Speed 0-240 strokes per minute
    Stroke Length 1.2-6 inches (3-15 cm)
    Control mode Speed Dial / Remote Controller / Phone APP
    Noise at Full Speed 40 dB
    Input 110-240 V
    Output 100 W
    Connector Type KlicLok Connector
    Package Measures 18.4 × 10.2 × 17.7 inches (46.8 × 26.0 × 44.9 cm)
    Weight 24.58 pounds (11.150 kg)
    1 x Hismith Purple App Chip Sex Machine
    1 x Power Supply
    1 x Wire-Speed Dial
    1 x App Remote Controller
    1 x Double Layered Silicone Dildo
    1 x Portable Bag



Almost Perfect with Significant issues

First of all let me say this is definitely the highest quality machine I have owned (I've bought three before this one)

It is quiet, powerful, easy to adjust, and the app is great.

However it still struggles with some of the same design flaws every machine has unfortunately.

The biggest problem is that it doesn't stay in place on a hard surface. So unless you have a carpeted floor, the force of the thrusting is going to push it back and cause it to slide backwards on the floor. The rubber feet are not enough traction to prevent this.

The second problem, and I find this absolutely baffling, is that the short 'feet' are not locked in place. They are completely free to slide from left to right in the housing. Again, as you use the machine the vibrations/movements these feet _will_ slide left to right, eventually causing the machine to fall over so you have to keep an eye on that as well.

So you will need to find a heavy object to place behind the machine and that's a pain in the ass, and I have not founda nything yet that can prevent the feet from sliding out of place unfortunately.


Super quite, great thrusting depth and speed.

This machine is fantastic. Me and my husband use it a lot. The machine is super quite, and has the ability to not only thrust deep, but also fast. You can control the speed with ease. I would give this a 10 star if it was not only a 5 star rating to be given. This machine is fantastic But like everything there are a few downsides. One, to take apart and store in the case can be time consuming. It is nice it can be broke down, and stored; but it can take a bit due to needing to use a allen wrench to loosen and tighten connectors for the legs. Also, the machine can move on a bed. A floor use might be best option, but how many people want to lay on the hard flood to have sex anyway? Due to this, the toy attached can slip out, and not be comfortable to say the least as it thrusts at your speed if fast in your vaginal area. I wish there was maybe different leg attachments to make it more bed stable, and easier to put together. If you do not have "others" in the house with you where you can freely store in a closet or the like, the taking apart issue will not be as big a deal at time of use.


The best affordable machine that does everything.

Okay, I had 3 main concerns.
1. Noise level
2. Size
3. Would it stall
If you have any off these issue. I rest assure it’s amazing.

The noise is basically silent up to 30% depending on the angle. Thereafter it sounds like a regular ceiling fan. I turned my fan up and the device was basically washed out.

Size. This was extremely important to me as I cannot have it just lying about. It’s easy to break down. I leave the T bars attached and just remove the actual device and store it in my cupboard drawers. And everything fits (disassembled) in a decent sized back pack (I would know, I lugged it around campus)

It. Does. Not. Stall. It does slip out occasionally if I clench too hard, but that’s predominantly due to me not adjusting it to the correct angle.

I highly recommend getting the spring attachment so it doesn’t feel so.. mechanical... and it adjusts better to your body as it’s not so stiff.

All in all. The absolute greatest purchase I’ve made. Totally and completely worth the buy.


PULL BACK the connector on the dildo rod to apply the didlo.

The Machine is a decent weight, the metal legs are what make up majority of its weight, 30lbs in box. Discrete shipping (hismith double boxes the original box) and packaged with thick foam that I am leaving In the carrying case to protect the Machine when I travel. The bag they supply Is sturdy and styled like a duffle bag with straps. The machine so far works great. I did have trouble with directions when applying the dildo to the dildo rod. It didn’t say in the directions to PULL BACK the metal clip To insert the “female“ part or metal part that the dildo had. (I was trying to twist/push) I looked it up on YouTube. Very easy video to follow that helped me feel comfortable that the dildo rob and the dildo where secured into place. Only complaint so far is the metal standing rods where cover in a grease/oil. I’m sure it had a purpose but it dose get all over your hands. Just wash after.


Best machine on the market

This is a great product! Here are the pros and cons so you can make an informed decision.

Life as a independent product tester can sometimes be hard.... but in this case, it wasn't hard enough with one of the three dildos we purchased for testing. Costumer service is however, the best I've ever encountered. Swift reply, they resolved the issue with the dildo with erection difficulties (yes, that was an odd e-mail to send...) in less than 12 hours and just an overall great experience. To prevent you having this issue: Make sure you buy a firm dildo (like the pink one) if you're tight, to prevent the dildo from escaping, because some of them can bend when encountering resistance. This problem wasn't the case for the one that came with the machine though, and only for one out of four of the attachment, so don't let this put you off. Because if you do, you'll miss out on the best product in this price range on the market.

The pros: It really works perfectly, and it's a life saver for people with disabilities. It's quiet and well designed and very versatile. Insane thrusting power. It's even easy to hide from the cleaner as it comes in a really handy case (good thing cause she's already been traumatized enough by other forgotten items). These folks will be getting our recommendations indefinitely, as this is clearly the best product out there. And yes, others have been tested, but no one lives up to this one. It even beats some of the really expensive ones.

The machine itself struggles a bit with...tight openings, as it will move back a bit, but if you put something heavy at the base it won't move back at all. This is important, otherwise you'll spend two hours playing the chasing the dildo game. If you're petite with a really short vagina I can imagine that the range of motion will be a bit too much (use a firm dildo like the one that comes with and it won't be an issue since it's easy to adjust), but for 98% of women this will be appreciated. This is the only downside I can think of to this machine, but it's easily mended. All in all: A great buy.


Great machine

You can use it in any position, it is easy to set up and take down. The noise level is very quite. The app is easy to install and use, I like that you can create your own play mode/ thrusting scenario. Makes the possibilities endless. It also comes with a remote control as well as a connected controller. Comes with a decent carry case, with cut outs so the pieces fit in the foam real nice. Has additional pockets as well. The legs are very strong and heavy, no need to brace against something.


Just buy it

wireless and easy to put together. Dildo wont spin on its own some time while on. Highest speed is CRAZY. Love it. Not slow at all. At higher speeds in moves around because of speed. Dildos that go on it range 17-40$ so diff sizes cost. The one that comes with it is nice material but very stiff ordered others and they are still good quality but softer. DO NOT TRY TO PUT DILDO IN U WHILE ITS ON. YIKES. Personally I don’t like physical contact to much with others ALL THE TIME. So for the price it is worth it.


it has stamina

I got it yesterday and it took about 15 minutes to unpack and assemble. I really like it. The wireless remote is nice but the hardwired control has much finer adjustments and the cable is pretty long. I bought the suction cup attachment and used a considerably larger dildo than it came with ( I like the smaller one too, whole different sensation ) and it worked fine.


Great Machine

This thing is great!!!! Had issues at first, but quickly figured out how to solve. Make sure everything is tightened down! This is capable of supporting a large dong (i use john holmes) for a decent amount of time. Dildo it comes with is a decent starter size, I use it to warm up with.

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Where has this been all my life?!?!

I was a little skeptical at first when searching for this type of product. The item was shipped quickly and was packaged very well! I was very surprised out how durable the equipment felt, definitely industrial grade. It's super quiet, which was surprising because, by the looks of it, you would think of a loud piece of machinery.

A few downsides we have noticed so far is that the attachments for the spring are very heavy and bend the spring pretty far making it a bit awkward to get in. Also, when we first opened it, there was blue grease all over the machine. We cleaned it up and it worked perfectly!

I really loved that the company reaches out to you to ensure you are satisfied with your items and delivery.

Definitely recommend this item for those who are looking to spice things up!

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The Best Yet

I got the "Noble Purple" version along with the Male masturbator. This machine is the quietest toy I own and I own 3. From $49 to $600. This machine is whisper quiet. It also has the smoothest motion of any toy I own. Going from barely moving to full speed ahead and it just glides along! Assembly is very quick and easy. I love the bag it included as well. Can easily be stored under the bed or tucked away in the closet.

Sturdy construction, fast strokes, quiet, small & adjustable. The best purchase I've made in a very long time. They have toys for men, which is great! If you want to use your own: buy the bondage adapter.

Really, really happy with this purchase.

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Surprisingly Worth the Money!

I was very hesitant to buy this on first glance. The Reviews said it was a good product but i was hesitant to spend 400$ on this. I must say, i am happy i did. This machine is very well made. It arrived ahead of arrival schedule with everything you see on the cover. Easy to build and quite as other reviews will tell you. The remote control for how fast it goes is my favorite part. I was able to achieve an anal orgasm. something i haven't been able to achieve with any other sex toy. Very satisfied. Tho what i am impressed with the most is how easy it is to store in its travel case. As someone who likes to keep his sexual life private while living with other people, it is easy to pack up and store away, and not even look fishy in the slightest. I am happy i got this product! And am curious to see what else this company has to buy in the future.... :D


Nice and quite

Has a good heavy feel to it. If you plan on using it on a bed you might want to put a base down(board, rubber mat, etc.)

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Great overall, but a couple issues

We ran into some issues using this machine. During our event the wires from the power supply and wired remote got caught in the gears damaging them and jamming up the machine. Another issue was the attachment it came with. It's so flexible it has trouble staying put and frequently falls out during thrusting. Now, this is easily solved by buying a different extension, which I will.

The pros: It's very well constructed, and fluidly moves no matter how fast you turn it up to. When everything is running, and staying put it feels incredible and gives your guy a break. The customer service is the best I've ever come across. I explained what happened to Nico and he's sending me a new power supply and wireless controller for free. I'm very impressed with how hands on this company is whenever there are any issues.

I would strongly suggest anyone who buys this be careful with the wires.


At first I was very excited and I wanted to have it.

As my fist sex machine, I looked through many units online. I was very skeptical with cheaper models so I bought this unit. The first impression was wow. Very good build and comes with remote. But unit has little noise to it which again, I don’t have anything to compare to. The most important part of this machine for me was “stroke”. This unit doesn't go deep enough for me. Even though, everything is working fine including remote, this unit just not for me. Unit comes without storing bag. Using tool to adjust is just too much work. By the time you adjust height and position, you lose interest.


Worth every Penny

Great machine, very nice color, i am in love with it.

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Not super quite it higher speeds even on carpet.

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Hismith Premium Sex Machine (Noble Purple) - APP-kontroll med fjärrkontroll - KlicLok-system

Hismith Premium Sex Machine (Noble Purple) - APP-kontroll med fjärrkontroll - KlicLok-system

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