What are Sex Toys?

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What are Sex Toys?

What are Sex Toys?

A sex toy (also called a sex toy, adult sex toy or sextoy) helps you experience more pleasure while masturbating or during sex with a partner. Sex toys help make stimulation more intense, allowing you to experience more pleasure and finer orgasms. Sex toys often resemble the body parts of a man or a woman. Women use dildos and vibrators to mimic penetration. And men use masturbators and artificial vaginas to create the sensation of penetration as well. Sex toys take your solo sex life to a new level. They are the ideal substitute for when your partner is not around or when you don't have a sex partner. In addition, sex toys can also add a new dimension to your and your partner's sex life. Sex toys boost your sex life and make it exciting again. For example, use them during foreplay to drive each other crazy. Or make each other's deepest fantasies come true, whatever that may be. Sex toys make your sex life more fun, exciting and intense. They provide ultimate highs, alone or together!

What Sex Toys are there?

There are an awful lot of different kinds of sex toys available. Realistic Dildos, Dildo Vibrator toys, Realisic Pussy and Asses, Masturbators, Gifts for Men and Gifts for Women, Couples, Each one has a different function and stimulates different parts of the body. There is also a difference in sex toys especially for women or sex toys especially for men. Some sex toys can be used with your partner, while others are more suitable for masturbation. Below, we briefly describe which sex toys we have included in our range.

Artificial vagina

An artificial vagina is a masturbator specially made for men. You can find different variants of artificial vaginas (also called fake vagina or artificial pussy). This sex toy has the shape, look and feel of a real vagina. With a fake vagina, you can mimic the penetration of a real woman. They are made of 100% medically approved silicone which feels realistic. Fake vaginas are available in different shapes and sizes. Besides the normal varieties, there are also vibrating and sucking artificial vaginas. These artificial vaginas gently vibrate so that you experience an intense sensation during penetration. The sucking artificial vaginas contain a rotated texture. Due to the strong suction, you experience a great intense feeling. Most artificial vaginas also feature soft labia and beautiful buttocks, you can squeeze or slap these during penetration!


The dildo is one of the most popular sex toys. A dildo is made to mimic penetration. It is often shaped like a real penis and is used for masturbation or to use with a partner during sex. Each dildo is different and some feature grooves or a texture for a more intense experience. The dildos are made of 100% medically approved silicone and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Realistic dildo

A realistic dildo is one that resembles a real rigid penis. They feature a structure with veins and on top the shape of a realistic glans. Because of the structure, you experience extra stimulation during penetration. Most models of realistic dildos are skin-coloured and have a scrotum.

Anal Dildo

An anal dildo is specially made for anal penetration of both men and women. Anal dildos have a slightly different design from standard dildos. The anal dildo has a narrow end to make it easier to insert into the anus. In addition, the dildo has a wider, flared base so the dildo can never stay in the anus completely. Therefore, we do not recommend using a normal dildo anally.

Double Dildo

A double dildo features two large penises and can be used on two sides at the same time. You can use the double dildo to penetrate yourself anally and vaginally. You can also penetrate your partner and yourself at the same time. A double dildo is a model that is often longer than 20 centimetres. This model has a glans on both ends. Double dildos are often made of soft and flexible material like silicone. This makes them very pliable and usable during different positions.

Suction cup dildo

Suction cup dildos feature a large suction cup at the bottom. The suction cup allows you to easily attach this sex toy to any flat and smooth surface. With a suction cup dildo, you have more freedom and your hands free during masturbation. Attach the suction cup dildo to your bedroom door, the edge of your bed or the bathroom wall. Plenty of options to try out!

Huge Dildo

Huge dildos  are made for people who want to be fully filled during penetration. These huge dildos are longer, are thicker, and have more volume. The large huge dildos start from 25 centimetres with us and are available in all kinds. We always recommend using water-based Lubricant when using a large dildo. That way you will have an optimal experience with a large huge dildo

Metal dildos

A metal dildo is made of metal. The smooth, hard material allows the metal dildo to slide in easily. You can also easily heat up metal dildos in hot water or cool them in cold water. They are made of durable material that lasts a long time.

Strap-on dildos

A Strap-on dildo (also known as a strapon) is a sex toy that allows you to simulate penetration. This can be vaginal, anal or oral. A strap-on dildo is used by everyone: gay, lesbian, straight, male or female. It is a versatile sex toy used to make your sex life more exciting.

Fantasy dildo

Fantasy dildos are, as the name suggests, based on fantasy. They have distinct shapes, intense structures and all kinds of colours. They can have the shape of a tentacle, the appearance of an alien or of a snake. Fantasy dildos come in all kinds of alien shapes and colours. There is always a fantasy dildo to suit your fetish and fantasies! The unusual shapes and structures of the fantasy dildos give extra stimulation and a different feeling than you are normally used to. They are made of flexible material so you can go either way. Fantasy dildos are a great addition to your collection of sex toys. Will you go for a Tentacle Dildo, an Animal Dildo or a Zombie Dildo? Especially if you are a bit more experienced, fantasy dildos are a new sexual adventure to discover!

Dildo Vibrator

The best of both worlds combined: the Dildo Vibrator. A Dildo Vibrator is a dildo with vibrating functions. Normally, you have a dildo or a vibrator: the dildo is suitable for penetration and the vibrator is usually smaller and more suitable for clitoral stimulation. So an electric dildo vibrator is suitable for penetration and vibrates at the same time. Are you looking for some extra stimulation during penetration? Then a dildo vibrator is a fine sex toy for you. They feature multiple vibration modes so you can alternate endlessly. All our vibrating dildos come with a remote control. So you can easily switch vibration modes while using the dildo vibrator. Some also have a suction cup on the bottom, so you have more freedom and your hands free during masturbation. Attach the electric dildo vibrator to a smooth surface and you can let yourself go wonderfully. Think for example of your bedroom door, the edge of your bed or the bathroom wall. Plenty of options to try out!

Combine Dildos with our Sex Machines

Looking for more excitement and satisfaction? Then check out our wide range of Sex Machines. A Hismith Premium Sex Machine (also known as a sex machine or fuck machine) is a fully automatic mechanical device that allows you to sexually stimulate yourself and/or your partner. You can attach various attachments such as dildosmasturbators and other accessories to the machine. You can fully adjust the sex machine to your personal preferences. Set the speed, penetration depth and vibration yourself with the app or remote control. Then the sex machine is ready to give you hours of pleasure. With a suction cup adapter, you connect all dildos (with a suction cup) to your sex machine. Do you have a favourite dildo you want to keep using? Attach the dildo with the suction cup to the adapter and you can connect it to the sex machine.

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