8 Reasons Why Sex Toys Can Enhance Your Relationship

The best part is that people are starting to realize that sex toys aren’t just for solo play

8 Reasons Why Sex Toys Can Enhance Your Relationship

There’s a reason why the sex toy market is expected to be worth 62.32 billion by 2030. Toys are fucking awesome. Or rather, they make fucking even more awesome.

The best part is that people are starting to realize that sex toys aren’t just for solo play. Couples that introduce toys into the bedroom can enjoy a lot of benefits, and we don’t just mean the obvious ones either!

Whether you’re in a hetero or same-sex coupling, sex toys can do a lot for your relationship.

Take a look at these 8 reasons why a dildo, vibrator, fucking machine, or any other toy you choose can take your relationship to the next level.

1. Toys Can Take The Pressure Off Women

Did you know that 70% of all women can’t orgasm unless they have clitoral stimulation? This can be in addition to penetration, or on its own. Of course, you can use your fingers or your partner can assist with this using their fingers or tongue, but that does limit your positions.
When you introduce a vibrator to the mix, you can change the way you and your partner reach climax. There are also several other toys that provide stimulation while your hands are busy elsewhere, so you can play around and find out which ones do the job just right.

2. They Also Take The Pressure Off Men

There are an awful lot of men who believe that bringing sex toys into the bedroom means that they aren’t good enough for their partner. They couldn’t be more wrong.

If you talk about it beforehand and work out the best way to incorporate sex toys so that both of you can enjoy them, then you’ll find that sex becomes a lot less pressured for men too. When you communicate openly about your needs and wants, you’ll both be on the same page for the best sex of your lives.

3. You Get To Explore New Positions Together

Sex toys give you the chance to try some radical new positions and methods for pleasuring each other. You don’t have to go completely wild and crack open the top end of the Kama Sutra. But you can start to play a bit more than you might have been doing before the toys came into the bedroom.

Just using toys means that you have to shift what you usually do with your hands, immediately throwing you into even just a slightly different position. Once you open that door, you could end up experimenting and exploring a whole range of positions to really get the most out of sex.

4. They Help With Bringing Fantasies To Life

Speaking of opening the door to new ideas in your sex life, you might find that the freedom of using toys could lead to exploring fantasies. From naughty nurses to fetish fantasy BDSM swings, strap-ons and ball gags, a little bit of dress-up and role-playing can lead to incredible sex. You can then use your toys as props to heighten the experience for you both.

It’s all about giving yourselves permission to explore and be open with each other about what you want. Experimenting in the bedroom with someone you trust and care about can help to keep a relationship healthy and connect in new and different ways.

5. It’s Bonding Experience To Go Toy Shopping

Shopping for sex toys can be a great bonding experience. The sky's the limit when it comes to the range of toy options for him, for her, and for both of you.

Use the shopping experience to talk through what you want to get out of using toys in the bedroom. Be honest. If you want your dick to stay harder for longer, you want your partner to get banged hard by a fucking machine, or you want to try double dildo penetration, find the toys that fulfil these desires together.

6. Toys Bring The Spice Back To Your Bedroom

It’s sad but true. It can be difficult to keep the fire lit in the bedroom the longer you’re in a relationship. By adding props and toys, you’ll be pushed to try new ways to have sex.
When you do this together, you create a much stronger bond, both sexually and emotionally. The key is to do it together and not have one of you pushing for toys if the other one isn’t comfortable with the idea. The more you work together as a team, the more likely you are to get that spice and fire back.

7. You Can Learn What Your Partner Really Likes

Many sex toys are designed for solo use, or at least to help make masturbation that much more pleasurable. Plenty of couples find it extremely arousing to watch each other masturbate, leading to much more intense sex.

Masturbation with a sex toy can be great foreplay. It can also be hugely educational to watch your partner get themselves off. Watch closely and you’ll see exactly how and where they like to be touched, giving you greater insight into how you can press the right buttons too.

8. Sex Toys Lead To Multiple Orgasms

Vibrators have been shown time and time again to enhance sexual pleasure and satisfaction. This means that the orgasms are more intense when using a sex toy. You also open yourself up to the possibility of multiple orgasms, and that’s never a bad thing!

Remember, toys or fucking machines can keep on going when one of you needs a break, and keep the orgasms coming.

Bring Something New To Bed With You

If you’re looking to spice your sex life up with your partner, bringing toys into the mix can definitely help. The key, however, is to get comfortable with your sexual desires and have an open conversation about what kind of toys to include, when to use them, and how. You never want your partner to feel like they’re not appreciated, or that they could be replaced.

Remember, you’re looking to spice up your sex life together—this isn’t a solo act (not this time anyways!). You want to be on the same page so that you’re strengthening your relationship, in between the sheets and out.

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