Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G
      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G
      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G
      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G
      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G
      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G
      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G
      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G
      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G

      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G

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      Geschwindigkeit einstellbar --- Stromversorgung verfügt über einen Drehzahlregler, kann er den Motor 'cotrol Geschwindigkeit Stoßen
      ARBEITEN QUIETLY --- Auch wenn es nicht still ist, aber ich glaube nicht, dass Nachbarn in einem Mehrfamilienhaus verdächtig wäre, entweder
      UNISEX TO USE --- Diese Maschine ist für männliche und weibliche erhältlich von verschiedenen attchments installieren zu verwenden
      VERSCHIEDENE HALTUNG --- Einstellbare Winkel machen es für andere Position anpassen können Sie wollen
      Ultral DISCREET PAKET --- Nullpacking ein Produkt zu liefern, Verlegenheit zu vermeiden

      Diese erstaunliche Leistung Sex-Maschine liefert endlosen Spaß an Ihre Spielzeit. Genießen Sie diese Art von Spielzeug selbst oder mit anderen - installieren Sie einfach den Dildo oder Vagina Tasse, dann schalten Sie ihn ein, dann stellen Sie die Intensität der Stoßgeschwindigkeit durch den einfachen Regler. Sie können auch den Winkel einstellen. Das Gerät ist kompakt und light.The Maschine hat vier Saugnäpfe es zu einer glatten surface.Get zu sichern bereit unglaublich freihändiges Vergnügen zu genießen!

      Wirksamkeit: Durch Teleskop Zucken Massage weiblichen sensiblen Bereichen, endokrinen Regulation der Behandlung, zielen darauf ab, die Qualität des Sexuallebens zu verbessern


      Leistungsaufnahme: 110V-240V 50-60HZ
      Ausgang: DC 12-24V 1 ~ 2V
      Geschwindigkeit: 0-450 Zeiten / Minute
      Back and Forth Part Bewegen Entfernung: 6.5cm
      Einstellen Winkel: Etwa 85 Grad
      Maschinenmaße: ca. 14,6 * 7,1 * 5.9inches
      Dildo Größe: 7 Zoll, Durchmesser 1.38inches

      Das Angebot beinhaltet:

      1 x Sex Machine
      1 x Stromversorgung
      1 x Verlängerungsrohr
      1 x-Standard Dildo (Länge 7.1inches, Dia 1.4inches)
      1 x 10 "Big Dildo (Fleisch und Schwarz für Wahl)
      1 x Bead Analdildo
      1 x Vagina Cup


      1 * Lassen Sie sich nicht den Dildo gehen zu tief, oder versuchen Sie halten, um es zu bekommen, ziehen Sie es zurück, wenn es gestoppt, wäre es Geschwindigkeit wieder abholen.
      2 * Bitte verwenden Sie 1% Benzalkonium, Bromide oder 75% der medizinischen Alkohol zu desinfizieren, bevor Sie es benutzen.
      3 * Zur Erleichterung der Reinigung und Sanierung, Vorschläge ein Kondom über den Penis Verbot Minderjährige zu tragen verwenden!
      4 * Es ist notwendig, etwas Schmiermittel zu verwenden, Ihre sexuelle Erfahrung zu verbessern.
      5 * Bitte waschen Sie alle Zubehörteile, bevor Sie es verwenden, gibt es einige Geruch kann, wird es gegangen, nachdem es zu waschen, wenn Sie so viel kümmern, denken sie bitte auf, bevor Ihre Bestellung.

      PS: Wenn Sie irgendwelche anderen Sexmaschine Anlagen benötigen, besuchen Sie bitte unseren Speicher zu bekommen, was Sie wollen!


      Spezifische Referenzen

      Ms M C 2023-01-14
      Verified Purchase
      Ms M

      Perfect machine that does exactly what it says and delivers pleasure and satisfaction every time, some good attachments with more available if required, spend a little time getting into the right position for perfect pleasure. The only downside being the non fused sealed plug on uk versions which are illegal in the uk and I recommend purchasing a uk figure of 8 lead with a fused plug on it for safety, widely available, and compliant with uk safety law.

        Verified Purchase
        Great product

        Compared to most machines on the market this is amazing value for money. Only criticism i can say is that the vagina cup (bottle shaped thing) it really tiny. If your penis has more than a 2cm girth, it's not going in! That's designed for very small penises. I'm 7 inches with average girth and there is no hope getting in there! Apart from that, amazing.

          Dan B2018-10-15
          Verified Purchase
          Massive Orgasm!!

          Fantastic product for male anal pleasure! Highly recommend!

          • % 2 $ d van% 2 $ d mensen vonden deze recensie nuttig.
          Verified Purchase
          super quick delivery

          Thanks for the super quick delivery. Hope we can continue to do business together

            Verified Purchase
            Nice machine! Nice power

            After reading a lot of the reviews I was nervous at first when purchasing this product. I never got a sex machine like this before, but thanks to the Hismith sex machine come with a user manual, Though it simple, but useful, i followed the instruction use the machine, it works well,i got use to the speed and the rhythm after about 5mins,the power is great, not as others said it is powerless, maybe they hashigher demand,i don't know.I just get what i want! By the way, i have some tips for your guys,it's better to use it with a Partner,Lube is needed!

              Verified Purchase
              I got overnight delivery and it came in pretty fast, it said 8pm

              I got overnight delivery and it came in pretty fast, it said 8pm, but it was in around 1pm so i'm very pleased with that. Very easy to put together, it doesn't come with instructions but it doesn't need to. The dildo part is around 5 inches, length and girth are like an average guy pretty much. Husband bought this for me because he's always working so he gets very tired and I have needs (especially while pregnant lol). I wouldn't say it starts slow, it goes medium speed to very very fast. I didn't have to adjust the arms at all, I didn't have any problem with it, once I positioned it it stayed that way. My only complaint is it did have a mild smell of gasoline on the machine itself, but it is a machine and the dildo which is surprisingly nice and soft was double wrapped and didn't have that smell. As long as you look at it first and make sure you click the dildo on correctly, I don't see how it could pop off. It was very easy to attach the dildo so I don't understand how people can get that part wrong lol. Honestly it pumps so hard I didn't even reach half way on the dial with it inside me. I wouldn't even say it's very loud, it is loud enough to drown out the sound of my vibrator which I used during my "session". Got more for my money in my opinion. Can't thank my husband enough. The base was very light weight, but it was fine on my blanket where I put it. After a couple of orgasms, it did try to follow me, but i'm female and there's some tightening that happens so you know lol. Can't see where the vibrating part comes into play, no instructions, but honestly you don't need that function. It doesn't stop with resistance, just slows down a little bit, just turn the dial up and you're good. I wasn't paid to comment, I just knew it would've been helpful if someone had mentioned some of the things I mentioned. This is my first sex machine I've ever used and bought and I wish I had this thing sooner, just got it so I hope it lasts. Any complaints and I'll post those too, but I don't see that happening.

              • % 1 $ d van% 2 $ d mensen vonden deze recensie nuttig.
              Racheal foxxe2016-08-10
              Verified Purchase
              Five Stars

              I LOVE this machine! So far it has been awesome.

                Verified Purchase
                Best Purchase of the Year!

                I'm exhausted! LOL This item arrived much sooner than the estimated delivery date AND was exactly what I thought it would be. It's very compact, and appears to be very well manufactured. It will slow down a little when it gets deep, but shouldn't be problem for a seasoned toy owner. If you're new and tight, the resistance will slow it down slightly. I consider it the best purchase of the year! Thank You!

                  Verified Purchase
                  Wife loved it: )

                  Perfectly packaged... Wife loved it :)

                    J BAGLEY2016-08-10
                    Verified Purchase
                    this is amazing. I love it

                    this is amazing. I love it. perfect speeds and force. could go a little harder but if you sit closer it helps. fun fun fun.

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                      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G

                      Hismith Supermatic Liebe Sex Machine-G

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