Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro - Premium Sex Machine with APP/Remote/Wire 3 in 1 Control

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Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro-APP / Remote / Wire 3 in 1コントロール付きプレミアムセックスマシン、KlicLokシステム付きラブマシン

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  • ➤Long Distacne App Control:Hismithはハードウェアとソフトウェアを今回アップグレードしました。これで長距離機能を利用して、何千マイルも離れた場所や公共の場所からでも、どこにいてもパートナーにデバイスを制御させることができます。
    ➤複数の制御方法:Table Top 2.0 Proは制御システムの3 in 1設計です。スマートフォンで制御するのが不都合な場合でも、リモートパネルまたは速度制御ボックスでデバイスを制御できます。


    このテーブルトップ2.0 Proは、新しくリリースされたセックスマシンで、手頃な価格で角度の多様性を提供する競争力のあるクソマシンを提供することを目的としています。アルミニウム合金素材とステンレス鋼で作られたテーブルトップ2.0 Proは、頑丈でありながら重すぎず、Hismithが設計した携帯用バッグで持ち運びが非常に簡単です。この素敵なスラストマシンは、KlicLokシステム(オクタゴンコネクタ)を備えています。これは、非スピンスラスト用に設計されており、他のコネクタシステムよりも安定しており、アタッチメントを所定の位置に保持します。さらに、2.0 Pro統合されたAPP /リモート/ワイヤ制御が1つに統合されているため、状況をより簡単に処理できます。

    何千マイルも離れた場所からデバイスを制御するように友達に招待してください。それはすばらしいですね。これに加えて、Hismith APPを使用して独自の突き出しパターンをプログラムしたり、Hismithプレミアムセックスマシンを持っている見知らぬ人と一緒にプレイしたりできます。 Hismithアプリがあれば、寝室をスパイシーにするのは難しいことではありません。何を待ってるの? Hismithクラブに参加して、オンラインで究極の喜びの旅を始めましょう!



    電源入力:100V-240V 2.5A
    出力:DC 24V-5A
    ノイズ:30-50 db
    角度の調整:約-15〜+ 15度


    1 x Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro
    1 x 6.7インチシリコーンディルド
    1 xテーブルトップ2.0ユーザーマニュアル
    1 x Hismith APPユーザーマニュアル
    1 x電源ユニット(電源アダプターとUSプラグを含む)
    1 x 3 in1スピードコントロールボックス(AAAバッテリーは含まない)



  • Thrusting Speed 250 strokes/minute
    Stroke Length 3 ~ 15cm(Approx:1.18~5.9 inches)
    Control mode Speed dial / Remote controller / Phone App
    Noise at Full Speed 30~50 db
    Input 100V-240V 2.5A
    Output DC 24V-5A
    Connector Type Kliclok connector
    1 x Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro
    1 x 6.7” silicone dildo
    1 x Portable bag
    1 x Table Top 2.0 User Manual
    1 x Hismith APP user manual
    1 x Power supply unit (Power Adapter and Plug )
    1 x 3 in1 Speed control box (AAA battery not including)



Excellent machine

Very affordable
Compact and quiet
Easy to set up, use, and break back down

Need an adaptor for other toys you may want to use
Stroke length is four inches which is reasonable but not what every user may be looking for

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Who needs a man, right?

Wow is all I can say!

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H info

It very powerful and fast you won't regret it the attachments everything is top quality if you invest in this your money won't be wasted it easy to use but it is kinda heavy but that what you need so it will not be moving around unnecessary

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Great value! Life changing!

This thing is amazing! Easy to control though a control box, remote or an app! Adjustable speed, angles, depth of thrust make it easy to dial in what works for anybody and any body. Discrete carrying case too. The construction is sound and the motor barely makes a sounds. This thing is a great value, great bang for the buck ;)

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Rubber penis on my home page!

I'm only writing this review so I don't have a rubber penis on my homepage.


Your worth it!

Versatile,compact,packs a punch, easy to adjust, allows more positioning with solid base and vertical stand...definitely a bonus in the room for my husband and I without the complications of a third person...if your hesitant don't be machine worth it and companies customer service is 1000%


Solid Machine You will enjoy

The Table Top 2.0 is a great product. It is solidly built and some with a lot of features. The app is easy to use, the item is easy to setup, and portable.

The included carry bag makes it easy to take with you.

This item had three different ways to control it. Wires, Wireless, and Mobile app.

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Packs a punch.

I already own the Hismith premium machine and wanted to add this to my growing collection. This is a smaller version of the premium machine but it packs just as much power as the other. As with all Hismith products the carrying case is top notch with a zippered fabric bag and well padded foam interior, this is by far some of the best packaging I've come across on a toy like this. This version is more compact and the flat base makes it ideal for use on the bed or other soft/unstable surfaces, it does get a little bit "bouncy" when you start to get into the higher speed range but that just adds a new set of sensations to the mix. There is a single knob to adjust the penetration angle making any adjustments quick and easy and doable in just a few seconds. I also really liked that this unit is very easy to stand on end with the included "tail-piece" which allows it to be used vertically while in a standing position ; opening up a number of new opportunities and positions. This unit connected seamlessly with the Hismith app that was already installed on my phone and it works the same as the other machine I own, giving you the ability to play solo, on-line in group rooms, or sending a private link to someone else to control your unit (which is my favorite). I haven't tried yet to see if I turn both of them on if it will control them both at the same time or not, I'll be testing that out soon. All in all this is a great little machine and it will definitely take care of you. I 100% recommend getting this or another Hismith machine!

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This product is Solid. It feels well-made, utilizes multiple control mechanisms, and is generally intuitive. While the mobile app could use a little work, that's not really the way I intend to use a product such as this. When you consider the fact that it has a wired control box as well as an included wireless remote (AAA battery not included) there's really not a great deal of desire to use a 3rd controller aka phone app.


Product was perfect! Super fast shipping!

The product lives up to its reputation! Me and my wife love this machine, it's perfect for beginners and experts alike!

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Better than as described

The engineering and manufacturing details put into this product are very, very high quality. This beats any US or CA standards of "good". This is great.. Packaging is better than explained. Control is much better than I have seen in other products. They did not make shortcuts in designing and manufacturing this unit. You are getting what would be a high class custom unit for a very reasonable price. Support, again, is amazing. Well done.


Lots of fun, glad we took the plunge!

The thruster bar on mine was damaged when it arrived. I contacted the company and they sent a new one right away. He also looked at my order and noticed that some of the attachments I ordered were for a different machine. He sent me the correct ones of those as well.

While there is a little bit of a language barrier in dealing with them, I must say their customer service was terrific. The machine is pretty cool and lots of fun. A little heavy, but seems well built and should provide years of fun.

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Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro - Premium Sex Machine with APP/Remote/Wire 3 in 1 Control

Hismith Table Top 2.0 Pro - Premium Sex Machine with APP/Remote/Wire 3 in 1 Control

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