What is the Hismith Smart App?

Discover all the possibilities and benefits of the Hismith app in this guide!

What is the Hismith Smart App?

In this guide we will tell you more about the Hismith Smart app. Our smart app is used to easily set and operate the Hismith Premium Sex machines. Discover all the possibilities and benefits of the app in this guide!

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1. What is the Hismith Smart App?

With the Hismith Smart app you can control your premium sex machine. Via the app on your smartphone you have access to all various functions and frequencies. This way you can set the sex machine to your preference. For example, create your own impact frequency and choose from different speeds. Or choose a pre -programmed frequency in the app. The Smart app gives you new options. Control the sex machine itself or let someone else take over the service. You can even have someone drive the sex machine from the other side of the world. Ideal when you have a long -distance relationship with your partner and you still want to be intimate with each other.

The Smart app is also equipped with a community with other app users. For example, you can share frequencies with each other, but you can also contact each other via a chat. If you want to go one step further, you can be seduced by the creativity of another, and have the sex machine control by a community member. Enough options to try and to keep it exciting in the bedroom!

2. The benefits of the Hismith Smart app

The Smart app gives you the opportunity to create the best experience with your sex machine. Read the most important benefits below:

  • Serve the Sex machine Online from every place in the world.
  • Create your own impact frequency, choose from the hundreds of available options or choose a frequency of someone from the community.
  • Have someone else take over the controls like your partner or someone from the community.
  • Simple swipe operation, determine the speed by swiping up and down over the screen.
  • Learn from others in the community by sharing experiences with each other, chatting and other interaction.

3. Hismith Smart App download

Download the Hismith Smart app on your smartphone to start. On an Android device you will find the app in the "Google Playstore" and on an iPhone you will find it in the "App Store". In the store at the search function "Hismith", type in or download the app via the link below.

Download in Google Playstore
Download in App Store

4. Account Setting

Set a language
You can set the app on different languages, such as: Dutch, English, Spanish, German, French and Chinese. For optimum user comfort we recommend that the app set to the English language, because the app is fully developed in English. In addition, the app is used the most in English and the community is also active in this language. Of course you decide in which language you want to use the app. You can easily switch between the languages, by going to the settings at the top right in the login screen and choosing "languages".

Create an account
After downloading the app you must create an account. This is possible in two ways:

  • Create an account with your e-mail address manually. You do this via the "Register" button.
  • You can also choose to log in safely with your Apple ID, Google, Twitter or Facebook account.

*Personal information is protected and is not visible to other users. Your telephone number is used for the security of your account.

  • Personalize your profile
    You can personalize your own profile by:
  • Max. 6 photos to upload.
  • Choose a nickname.
  • Leave a voice signature.
  • And fill in other personal information to complete.

Hismith app taal instelling

5. Make a connection

Follow the following steps to connect your smartphone to your premium sex machine:

  • Open the Hismith Smart App and log in.
  • Make sure the Bluetooth function is enabled on your smartphone.
  • Click on the "Bluetooth" icon at the top right.
  • Then the app searches for your Hismith sex machine, which appears in the picture. Select the machine and click on the "Connection" button.
  • When the app is connected, the Gray button becomes and you get the message that the app is connected to the sex machine. Ready for use!

The app remembers the machine and will be connected automatically when you log in the next time.

6. Create your own frequencies

Top: Discover the most popular posts of the community
New: The most recent posts
My: Here you can share your own creations with the community
History: Here you see the latest frequencies you used (when you have played it in half the total time)
Collection: Your collection of frequencies that you have made or that you have saved from others.

How do you create your own frequency:

  • Click on the "+" sign.
  • Set the cycle. Add "Start speed" (initial speed), "end speed" (final speed) and "time" (total duration).
    View the preview and give the frequency a name.
    Save the frequency. You also have the option to share the frequency in the community.
    After creating the frequency you can always change the name, edit, copy and share the frequency.

TIP: When you try out a new frequency, we recommend that you test this on the machine without using it. This way you prevent unpleasant surprises.

7. Solo Play Mode

With Solo Play Mode you (or someone else) can serve the sex machine on your smartphone. Swipe with your finger up and down to adjust the speed of the machine. For more speed you swipe up, and to reduce the speed you swipe down. With one finger you can adjust the speed to around 20%. Do you want to be able to adjust the speed faster? Then use multiple fingers to swipe over the screen.


  • When you turn the screen of your smartphone, the sex machine will stop immediately. If you then turn your smartphone again, the machine will return to the original speed.
  • Shake your smartphone to activate the power boost function (when you are almost at your peak). This function gives the machine a boost and will assume a higher speed. Press any button to go back to the previous speed.

Pre -programmed frequencies
Click on the icon at the top right to view and try out the pre -programmed frequencies.

TIP: When you try out a new frequency, we recommend that you test this on the machine without using it. This way you prevent unpleasant surprises.

8. Remote Play Mode

With this function you can share the control over your sex machine with a person. You do this by sharing a link via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or in the chat of the Hismith app. This makes it possible to give someone control over your sex machine, from anywhere in the world (perfect for long -distance relationships).

  • Only one person can connect to your sex machine at the same time.
  • When someone is connected to the sex machine, the person will see the same screen as when you operate the machine yourself.
  • You can set a maximum speed for your own comfort and safety. The person who controls the sex machine cannot go over this speed.
  • You can take over the control of the sex machine at any time. You do this by adjusting the speed, however you normally do that in Solo Play Mode (via your smartphone or remote control).

9. Online Play

Via the online play mode you can have someone operated the sex machine from the community. When you are in a lobby, you see the number of people who are shown online. You can then find a "room" that contains several people or you can create it yourself.

The Room manager can carry out control over all the sex machines of the participants, at the same time. He can also share the control with other participants. When you are in the cream you can communicate via the chat or a speech message. This is completely optional, you can also hide the chat off a speech messages.

Creating a cream:

  • Press the + and think of a room for the cream.
  • Choose the maximum number of users (between 2-5)
  • Choose between a private room (only invited and accepted users can participate here) or a public room (everyone can participate).

When the Room administrator refuses someone, this user is blocked to be able to send requests (to prevent spam).

TIP: Ensures that you and your sex machine are ready to start before you enter a room. Use the chat and speech messages to communicate with the group and to indicate your wishes.

10. FAQ

I have had a Hismith Premium sex machine for a long time, but I can't connect to the app.
This is because the somewhat older versions of sex machines are not equipped with the new system and the Bluetooth receiver. This means that no connection can be made to the Smart app. That is why we have developed this control set so that you can also use the app. With this set your machine can also be used with the new Hismith® Smart app.

Are my data and privacy well protected?
We attach great importance to your privacy. Our system is designed in such a way that as little information as possible about our users is stored. All data that our servers passes is fully secured and encrypted with the same technology that, for example, Google, Skype, Facetime and other large market leaders.

Do you want to download the Hismith® Smart app? Click on the buttons below to download on your smartphone!


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