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Premium Sex Machine,Vac-u-Lock,Extremely Quiet,Turbo Gear Power 120w,11kg,Solid Steel Frame,Ultra Stability,Sex Product


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  • Sex Machine Mekanisk Informasjon
    Elektrisk inngang: 100-240V, 50-60Hz Passer for alle land i verden
    Motortype: Turbo Gear Motor, kontinuerlig plikt
    Motorspesifikasjoner: 24V DC 5-6A
    Stroke Lengde: 3-15 cm
    Uendelig hastighet: 4-5 slag per sekund
    Moment: 30kgcm / 3Nm
    Lyd: 30 til 38 db

    Informasjon om sexutseende
    Monterte tiltak: 50 * 25 * 45 cm (20 * 10 * 18 tommer)
    Montert vekt: 11 kg
    Vinkeljusterbar: -35 grader til +45 grader, du kan justere raskt og sikkert innen maksimalt 10 sekunder. veldig veldig enkelt og effektivt. Klemmen kan holde stålstangen forsvarlig for å gjøre maskinen stabil når den kjøres
    Farge svart

    Pakke inkludert nedenstående elementer
    1 X hoved maskin kropp
    2 X Solid T Shape Rod (Ramme Støtte)
    1 x stang med "Quick Connecter"
    1 strømforsyningssett
    1 X Speed ​​Controller
    1 X Plug Converter Adapter (hvis nødvendig)

    * Merknad: Dildoer og add-ons må kjøpes separat *
    * Merk: Alle våre maskiner er CE-godkjente *
    * Merknad: Prisen er for alternativ A (trådkontroll versjon). Hvis du vil ha valg B (wire + fjernkontrollversjon), vennligst kontakt meg for å bekrefte.


    1. Hvis du finner ødelagte deler eller maskinen ikke virker når pakken er ankommet, sender vi nye deler gratis og sørger for at maskinen fungerer perfekt. og du kan velge produkt under USD20 som kompensasjon på grunn av ubehagelig lang venting. Vi vil sende produktet og ødelagte deler til deg i samme pakke.
    2. For motoren er garantien 3 år fra mottatt dato, vi sender motoren gratis, men du må returnere den gamle motoren før vi sender ny.
    3. For hvile utstyr deler, innen 1 måned fra mottatt dato. Vi vil sende eventuelle ødelagte eller feilfungerende deler til deg gratis, og du trenger ikke å returnere noe. Innen 2 til 3 måneder fra mottatt dato må du betale halv pris (inkludert fraktkostnad) for de ødelagte eller feilfunksjonene. Begynn fra 3 måneder fra datoen mottatt produkt, du må betale full pris (inkludert fraktkostnad) av ødelagte eller feilfunksjonsdeler



Multiple P-Spot Orgasms

I am very satisfied with this unit. I have used it laying down, standing and doggie style. Al positions provide multi orgasms. It will run the large and long dildos( mine 2" dia X 11.5" inch long. It is a ass filler. I enema before, Very well, so I can lay back take a long, real good, deep filling fuck, until I cannot stand any more orgasms. I have had six or more orgasms whether I cum on the first or the last. orgasm. The heavy legs are great to hold the machine. I use support tape used for strains for balls up when I am on my back so I can feel the nutts slapping my nutts.
The quick connect will let the dildo spin without the tape.
If you want to please you, your wife, or both ,it will work for you. plenty of speed control and power to push through a tight hole orgasm.
I had a cheaper machine and it stripped the gears after just a few sessions.
Spend the money, it is well worth it. I have had 9 or 10 sessions(long) and it has not failed me yet.
My wife helps me get it started (IN) and off I go into sexual bliss.
Thanks for the quality product.

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Serious entertainment.

Wife said no to threesomes, she LOVES this machine. Perfect for a hands free operation and epic for FaceTime during deployments. Webcam fits right on top and get full view of everything.

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Five Stars


  • 1 av 1 fant dette nyttig.

Buy it

Seeing as how I was told to edit my review this is all I will say. If you want it get it

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Worth it.

Worth every penny. Quality built and very adjustable. Fits all the vac u locks.
I like the Stryker



This is amazing. My husband and I love that we have found a way to fulfill some of our fantasies without having to add to the bedroom.

One suggestion would be to get the attachment for double penetration vs using a single vaculoc attachment because it seems too heavy and moves around. Wasn't pleasurable so we will be getting that soon.

Other than that.. It's fantastic.

Setup was a breeze.
(OUTER) Packaging was discreet though if you have children, there is a box that has a semi-nude chick on it with her panties half pulled down so you may want to not leave any packaging around (vs just a plain box for packaging).

This will keep you going for hours and if you can get the position right, you'll be spraying walls like a sprinkler system.

  • 1 av 1 fant dette nyttig.

Awesome bad guy

quiet, the motor isn't super powerful, but it still is enough. the voltage regulator works great: slow up to fairly fast but not super fast. Construction of this item was overall solid. Very practical, only slight criticism was that i wished he T legs supporting the device were taller. Overall 5/5, highly adjustable


Nice machine

Bought this for my girlfriend as I am out of town a bit with work, and she thinks it's awesome! She misses the variety of speed and depth that comes from a real partner, but says that machine stamina makes up for that and she can have orgasm after orgasm with it. The price is also awesome compared to some of the other machines out there and is pretty quiet also, which is a big plus. The one downside is that the machine is a bit on the light side and moves some, but we found a couple of fixes for this. One is with some sandbags with plastic liners in them, and the other is with a couple of small Olympic weight plates on the vertical support tubes.


at higher speed it worked great.

Just got today. First session lasted two hours now I can't walk. Read other reviews so I was ready with weights to hold in place. Dildo I bought was a bit large and so it struggled at slower speeds to move it, however, at higher speed it worked great.

The first dildo I bought was the James Dean UR3. I recently purchased an 8 inch UR3 Vac-u-Lock and a 7 inch UR3 Vac-u-Lock. The smaller size dildo's worked better, but I have discovered that is because I was simply too tights for the James Dean. The Machine worked great after I was opened up.

Best to start at slow speed and slowly build speed.

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Premium Sex Machine,Vac-u-Lock,Extremely Quiet,Turbo Gear Power 120w,11kg,Solid Steel Frame,Ultra Stability,Sex Product

Premium Sex Machine,Vac-u-Lock,Extremely Quiet,Turbo Gear Power 120w,11kg,Solid Steel Frame,Ultra Stability,Sex Product

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