Hismith 9.54″ Silicone Anal Plug with KlicLok System for Hismith Premium Sex Machine

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  • ➤ 3 Bulge P-SPOT DESIGN: TOTAL LENGTH: 9.54 inches, insert-able length: 8.7 inches, maximum width: 2.3 inches, girth: 7.2 inches for beginners and experienced users alike.
    ➤ DESIGNED AND MANUFACTURED BY HISMITH: Compatible with all premium sex machines that utilize the KlicLok System
    ➤ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Constructed of High-quality silicone for durability and a firm yet flexible feel, Phthalate-Free, Latex-Free, Body-Safe
    ➤ NON-POROUS MATERIAL, EASY TO CLEAN: with toy cleaner or mild soap and warm water, let it completely air dry before storage
    ➤ DISCREET PACKAGE: Come with a neutral brand color box, no sensitive words, keep your privacy in strictest confidential

    Hismith is a design, development, and production of an integrated company. we focus on high-end sex machine design and production. Our goal is to help our customers pursue ultimate pleasure in their private life. Our business philosophy is symbiosis and win-win with other brands. This new designed anal toy has 3 bulge, Slide it in and feel every bulge and ridge as you make your way down his textured shaft before reaching a challenging, yet seductive knot. A must for anal toy lovers!


    Size: S
    Material:100% Premium silicone
    Color: Black
    Dildo Total Length: 9.54″ inches
    Insert-able length: 8.7 inches
    Diameter: 2.3 inches
    Dildo Net Weight: 1.03 LBS

    Size: M
    Width near Base: 2.9”
    Width near tip: 2.05”
    With near middle: 2.5”
    Dildo Total Length: 11.2" inches
    Insert-able length: 10.2 inches
    Dildo Net Weight: 1.85LBS


    1 x Hismith 9.54″ Anal Plug with KlicLok system

    1 * You should use some lubricant before playing with this anal sex toy
    2 * Please do not silicone-based lube, which may damage the dildo.
    3 * Please air dry after cleaning, store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight
    4 * Never put PVC silicone toy with the sleeve, they will produce a chemical reaction and damage both of them.

    What is KlicLok System
    —The KlicLok system is an octagonal connector, designed for non-spin thrusting. More steady than other connector systems, keep attachments in position, and say no to the rotation.
    —KlicLok System is a quick connect and release coupling solution, that help user replace the attachments in a short time, with truly unusual convenience and quickly


    All product data are collected by manual measurement, for reference only! Besides, This product is only compatible with Hismith Premium Sex Machine with KlicLok System Love Machine. If you want to use it on another brand sex machine with a different connector, please contact Hismith support to get the right adapter.



This thing is a prostate-orgasm MACHINE!!!

Ok, well this dildo came today, AND SO DID I - about six times!!!!
It was Sissygasm City around here today! This thing is really incredible!

I was concerned it might be a bit hard to get in right away due to the flatter tip it has, and so I positioned myself to lie on my side raised up a bit by a cushion, but that flattened tip actually turned out to make the dildo really easy to insert. Almost immediately I had it inside of me. I remained in that position on my side, as it has always served me well for manual play with longer/deeper toys, like when doing Anal Dildo Hero challenges and just generally. Well, it served me well today!!!!

I kid you not - six sissygasms! (A sissygasm is a kind of multiple orgasm that includes some drainage of the prostate in a stream along with a full-body orgasm.) This dildo hits the prostate just right, and the spiral ridges seem to spread the lube just perfectly at the same time. I ran it for about 40 minutes before it completely exhausted me from multiple orgasms. (Six were sissygasms with that sudden draining of the prostate where you're like peeing cum, but several were just full-body without the draining.) I must tell you, I've never had that many one after another like that before, although I've been playing with dildos for many years and with the Hismith Premium for two years, and I never even ran the machine all that fast - mostly doing slow speeds with a slow ramp up to 40-ish speeds.

It felt so good as it went in deep, too. That flared design really stretches you open, and leaves your bottom ready for the next thrusts with ease. And I loved that the flattened tip didn't "poke" me when deep inside. A very comfortable yet thrilling ride!

Afterward, I didn't want to spoil being so stretched out, so I switched to my Hismith Vibrating Dildo to see how it liked doing seconds, and it was perfect how open and stretched I already was so I could really enjoy the vibrations and the way that thing hits your prostate with its swollen middle. So, this product is also a perfect warmup toy!

So, that vibrating one wore me out and I cleaned up, but it was the most I ever enjoyed that toy. This new dildo really stretched me just right to get the most out of that particular vibrating toy!

Glad a friend got it and told me about it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! :-)


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Hismith 9.54″ Silicone Anal Plug with KlicLok System for Hismith Premium Sex Machine

Hismith 9.54″ Silicone Anal Plug with KlicLok System for Hismith Premium Sex Machine

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