Hismith nieuw ontworpen viervoudige penetratie neukmachine, premium seksmachine

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Bij aanschaf van dit product krijgt u in totaal 78 Loyaliteit punten. Uw winkelwagen bevat een totaal aan 78 Loyaliteit punten die omgezet kunnen worden in een waardebon van $ 15.60.




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  • HisMith New Designed viervoudige penetratiemachine heeft zojuist een enorme superfuck -upgrade gekregen en is nu de geheel nieuwe!

    Het is sterker, sneller, stabieler, gemakkelijker aan te passen, stijver, veelzijdiger en wordt geleverd in zijn eigen gloednieuwe draagtas voor discreet transport en opslag. Je kunt het op 360 graden hoeken roteren zoals je wilt. Twee lange palen in het pakket, zodat het 2p of 3p simutaan kan voldoen. Jongen en meisje kunnen deze machine spelen. De ene kant bevestigd met mannelijke stroker terwijl de andere bevestigd met een dildo in diffferente maten of textuur. Alle bijlagen en DildoS -accessoires kunnen perfect compatibel zijn met onze nieuwe seksmachine. Het is in staat om rechtopstaande positie te stoten, naar beneden, parallel alle hoeken die je je maar kunt voorstellen. De motor is zo krachtig en je kunt het een beest sexmachine noemen. Met hulp van IT -bijlagen kan deze machine alle mensen fantasie over seks ontmoeten. Het maakt niet uit je lesbisch, homo, hetero, transgender etc.


    Elektrische ingang: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz
    Motorype: Turbo -tandwielmotor, continue plicht
    Motorspecificaties: 24V DC 5-6A
    Lengte van een slag: 3-14,4 cm
    Oneindige snelheid: 4-5 slagen per seconde
    Koppel: 30 kgcm / 3 nm
    Adaptertype: Kliclok -systeem
    Telescopische afstand: 1,2-6 inch
    Ruis: 30-40db
    Max Capaciteit: 20kg

    Zekapparatuur uit uiterlijk informatie

    Gemonteerde maatregelen: 59 * 37 * 28 cm
    Assembled gewicht: 18 kg
    Hoek verstelbaar: 360 graden roteerbaar U kunt zich snel en veilig binnen 10 seconden maximaal aanpassen. Heel heel gemakkelijk en effistynt. De klem kan het staal veilig houden om de machine stabiel te maken tijdens het rennen.
    De kleur zwart

    Package Including:

    1 x Main machine
    1 x Heavy metal base
    1 x Cross Bar
    1 x 8" Silicone Dildo
    1 x 7.08" P-Spot Silicone Anal Plug
    1 x Main vertical bar
    4 x KlicLok system connector rod
    1 x Qualified power supply set
    1 x Wired speed dial controller for wired controlled Version, Wired speed dial controller & App controller for App controlled Version.

    Notice: This machine is CE approved


    Nieuwste premium sex machine met 360 graden rotatie, 2p of 3p seksplay, krachtige penetratie liefde robot om te voldoen aan al je behoeften hebben vier polen met Klimlok -connector, 360 graden hoekrotatie, twee gaten seks of één gat seks zoals je wilt. Alle dildo's en add-ons die in de hismith-winkel worden verkocht, zijn perfect compatibel met premium machine. Je kunt 2p of 3p seks spelen met de hulp van onze krachtige premium sex machine en het zal je buitengewoon seksueel genot brengen dat je nog nooit hebt meegemaakt. Deze machine kan heel grote dildo's eindigen, is 2 kg. Maar wees voorzichtig, loop de machine niet zo snel als Big Dildo niet in de vagina of een andere plaats zit. Omdat het in de lucht zwaait en niet goed voor de machine.

    Waarom Choo Hismith Beast Fucking Machine?

    Quadruple Penetration

    Available to offer vaginal and anal sex for two riders at the same time, gives you strong double penetration you never experienced.

    Angle Adjustable

    You can adjust the angle from 0-360°with the easy-use screw, to try all positions you like.

    Stable Foundation

    The 8.3 kg base, made of solid chrome plated steel, makes it very sturdy. Using on a carpet, it will grip the ground better.

    Long Stoke Length

    Capable of 3 to 15 cm stroke depth. A screw knob and slot make it easy to adjust by hand. No tool required.

    Super Power

    With professional duarable and powerful motor, the fatest speed is 250 RPM. You are guaranteed to be coming again and again.

    Quiet Motor

    Designed with Reinforced & Ultra-Quiet sliding system, the noise at full speed is only 40 dB. Just enjoy your private time with abandon.

    Hismith KlicLok System! Check & Learn More!

  • Thrusting Speed 4-5 Strokes per second
    Stroke Length 3-14.4 cm
    Noise at Full Speed 30-40dB
    Input 100-240V, 50-60Hz
    Connector Type Kliclok connector
    1 x Quadruple Penetration Fucking Machine
    1 x Heavy metal base
    1 x Main vertical rod
    2 x Standing rod
    4 x Kliclok connector rod
    1 x Power supply
    1 x Wired controller
    2 x Stadard dildo(as pictures shown)




Lets start at the beginning. Ordering was (and still is) SUBLIME!. Every move was user friendly and super easy, including the final check out. I received my email invoice within the hour (so be patient).
While some others have expressed concern regarding Customer Service, I DID NOT. Why you ask? well while we/you are ordering, the company is on a different time zone (HONG KONG) than you are at the moment. IN SHORT, THEY ARE CLOSED FOR THE DAY! Thats why. Best thing to do if you have a question, IS TO speak to them during business hours, which is HONG KONG time zone. And Voila your now speaking to someone during THEIR working hours. Not yours.
So lets talk about the shipping. I noticed that INDEED, i did have to request a DHL tracking number, which i received (via patience)(the next day) from Customer Service (when they started their work day. Again, not your time zone. What is the key word here? PATIENCE!
My order was shipped within 3 days of my payment clearing, seems legitimate to me, After all, HISMITH needs to be paid before they ship something out, right? I TOTALLY GET IT! Seems logical to me.
In short I received my machine aprox a week in a half after i paid for it. NOT BAD AT ALL, GOOD WORK HISMITH I AM SATISFIED AND IMPRESSED.
At one point, i did receive a text from DHL requesting a small but reasonable duty fee. Again, super easy, paid it, and without any shipping interruptions it was still on its way. I was able to successfully track my box from the moment DHL picked up the unit from HISMITH to my doorstep. As easy and slick as a new bottle of KY, THAT DOEST DRY WHEN AIR HITS IT.

I could immediately notice that the box was opened (clearly customes) After all, everyone has a job. Every item was accounted for (nothing missing), every item was still wrapped it its factory sealed wrapper.

Best investment I've made in a long time. This units engineering and simplicity is nothing to mess around with. The craftmenship was and is IMPRESSIVE! Super easy to assemble (within the hour) And off we go for a nice ride. At least it was what i did, with no regrets :)
I would however remove the "CALIFORNIA" location from your website. Its to confusing, and i can see why some "non patient" people can create an unnecessary dramatic experience. Also, the 24 hour shipping. If the item isn't going to be shipped within 24 hours, lots of people (again) will get super weird dramatic.
WHATS THE WORD HERE PEOPLE? PATIENCE, PATIENCE, PATIENCE. You'll get your machine. I did and i love it.

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Hismith nieuw ontworpen viervoudige penetratie neukmachine, premium seksmachine

Hismith nieuw ontworpen viervoudige penetratie neukmachine, premium seksmachine

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